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Libby O'Loghlin

Libby has worked across various narrative media (TV, film, radio, print and digital publishing) for over 20 years, and is often consulted as a creative thinker, speaking regularly on topics relating to creativity, storytelling, transmedia, lateral thinking and mindful communication. 

She has taught scriptwriting at university level and is the author of the Young Adult novel, Charlotte Aimes.

She is also an award-winning short story writer, with publications in both the UK and Australia.

Libby is founding editor, contributor and co-curator of The WoolfNuance's quarterly literary journal, and she can often be found moderating panel discussions at Nuance Words writers' events.

She is co-founder of Nuance Words and The Powerhouse, a network for women in Zürich.

libby [at] nuancewords [dot] org

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 Charlotte Aimes 

Jill Prewett

A fully-qualified teacher, seminar tutor, examiner and teacher trainer, Jill has over 20 years of experience delivering top-quality English language training.

Jill has built a reputation within the business community as a professional language and communication coach whose training is tailor-made. She shares her substantial experience with a range of clients, from multinational companies to individual MBA students.

As a writer and reader, Jill organizes writers’ workshops, interviews for Words with JAMarranges Zürich Booklover events, acts as storyteller at various occasions, collaborates with Triskele Books and writes her own European crime series. 

For more information on Jill's novels: www.beatrice-stubbs.com.

Jill is a founding editor, contributor and co-curator The Woolf online literary publication.

jill [at] nuancewords [dot] org

   Jill's author collective, Triskele Books

   Words With Jam quarterly

European crime series featuring Beatrice Stubbs.


Liz Henry

Liz is a communications consultant who specializes in communication for business development and cultural projects. 

For many years she taught languages – English and French – developing a reputation for her bespoke, narrative-driven approach to teaching and coaching.

As the requests rolled in for more strategic language work, Liz co-founded Nuance Words, establishing a space in which to explore the dynamics of language and its impact on culture and business.

A prize-winning innovator, Liz's entrepreneurial streak has led her through the worlds of agriculture, the science of reading and translation.

She has lived the US, France and Switzerland, and speaks English, French, German and Greek.

liz [at] nuancewords [dot] org