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Jill Prewett

1. Written English 

Professional business English is a minefield. Keep it short and simple but don’t  forget anything. Keep your tone neutral, but convey your image. Be coherent, and don’t forget clarity. Writing top-level English is not  easy, so Jill’s guidelines and strategies will give you practical tools to help. Taking a top down approach from concept right through to  punctuation, her knowledge of the language, accessible training style and analytical approach make this training course packed with useful ideas. On top of which, every participant receives personal feedback on two pieces of work.

2. Voice and Presentation Skills

Using techniques from working as a teacher of English, and from training actors in theatre, Jill works on finding the voice you never knew you had. In addition to pronunciation and projection, she also looks at advanced techniques designed to maximise the impact of your words. Body language, breathing, use of timing and rhetoric are employed to give you all the necessary tools you need to give your speech, pitch or presentation the power it deserves.

3. Cultural Training

For mergers and acquisitions, for expansion into new markets, for relocation and for everyday dealings in a global marketplace, cultural training is an essential tool. Jill has worked with major European banks, German automobile manufacturers, British pharmaceutical executives, French insurance agents, Japanese airline employees, African governments and international auditors. Her experience of living and working abroad provides her with excellent knowledge, and her skills as a trainer give her the ability to bring that to life.

1. Written English 
2. Voice and Presentation Skills
3. Cultural Training 

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Participants' Feedback

"Jill accompanied me during my professional and MBA career. She supported me in all my endeavours not only from a language perspective but also reviewed my essays critically. Her comprehensive feedback allowed me to continually improve and fine-tune my English skills. Jill always encouraged me to go one step further and I can really say that my English improved tremendously in the last few years. I can recommend Jill for people who really want to learn the English language in-depth and go one step further in his/her career ladder."

Renato Stefani, Vice President, SwissRe Zurich

Participants' Feedback

"My command of the English language was very high but I could not always make the best of it. Jill not only helped me to improve my elocution and intonation but to raise my self confidence when presenting to senior audiences. As a result I feel I have made major progress, which was well  worth investing in."

Monica Goitiandia, Head of Commercial HR and Capability, Tesco UK

Participants' Feedback

"Because the company went through an important merge process between entities from 4 different countries, we decided to organise "cultural awareness" training within the Group. Jill delivered these training sessions to our employees, from top management to staff. The feedback was extremely positive, especially on her trainer competencies. I personally really appreciated her flexibility in reviewing the training content/structure very quickly based on our feedback and adapting to the audience."

Catherine Van Cauwelaert, Human ResourcesLeadership and Organizational Development, Euroclear Bank, Brussels

Jill has worked with:

ABN Amro – Zurich, Switzerland
AWK Engineering – Oerlikon, Switzerland
Euroclear/Crest – UK, Netherlands,
        Belgium, France

Government of Angola
Guardia di Financia – Rome, Italy
International Hospitality and Tourism – 
        Weggis, Switzerland

KPMG – Luzern, Montreux, Switzerland
Neidhart & Schön – Zurich, Switzerland
Pfizer – Zurich, Switzerland
Porsche – Stuttgart, Germany
PwC – London, UK
Royal Shakespeare Company – UK
Shearman Sterling – London, UK
SwissRe – Zurich, Switzerland
Tesco – London, UK
X-Rite – Zurich, Switzerland

"Jill was very professional in her teaching. She understood the English requirements in relation to my business area. She was able to provide me with practical examples to work with, especially in the area of business writing. Other than teaching English, Jill also introduced British culture and explained general business etiquette in the UK. She really helped me gain confidence in settling in the UK."

Mary Tsui, Forensic Accounting Manager, KPMG, London

"High-quality tuition, skilfully organised with a clear focus and progression. Her excellent pedagogical techniques have helped me to produce consistent written pieces and to understand the ins and outs of written English."

Almudena Rueda, Lecturer in Hispanic Studies, University College London

"When I moved to the UK, I needed to improve my skills as quickly as possible. Jill helped me a lot with that. We worked on small but so important touches of the language. She was very good at explaining U.K culture. She used various teaching methods in our lessons so no way someone could lose concentration in her lessons."

Vered Deutsch, Corporate Investment, HSBC Bank, London

"Even though I had lived and worked in a number of European countries Jill's Cultural Awareness session opened my eyes to a number of issues that need to be addressed when recruiting internationally. This will ensure  our international secondees and recruits are both welcomed into the UK Practice but also feel empowered and supported to be themselves, which can only be good for the business. Jill's professionalism and excellent facilitation skills ensured maximum audience participation, I would thoroughly recommend the session."

Hazel McAllister, Recruitment Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Edinburgh