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Libby O'Loghlin


Proofreading is a perfect service if your English is fluent, but you have a niggling feeling that your document might need a last check

This is the service a spell-checker can't give you because it doesn't understand context

We find common mistakes like it's/its, their/they're, and thorough/through, as well as typographic and formatting inconsistencies. 

Substantive editing

Substantive editing is great for a total overhaul – content and form. 

A substantive editor has the freedom to re-structure. They will be able to see the whole document in context, and assist the author to target an audience, build arguments, tell a story.

Our editors are experienced in native checklocalization and cultural reading.

contact  libby [at] nuancewords.com 

Copy editing

Also known as a line edit, copy editing includes 
proofreading, and is perfect for the style and flow of a document, or if you findfalse friends and unusual sentence structures sneaking in.

We assist with sentence optimization and the usual grammatic culprits like stationary/stationery, its/it's and mens/men's.

We work to style guides and UK/US standardizations as requested.