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Saturday 27th October

Saturday's workshops (there are two) will run concurrently for the whole day. Sessions are from 9.00am – 12.30pm and 1.30pm – 5.00pm. 

Workshop 1: Masterclass

For fiction writers who want to take their writing to the next level. 

Tutor: Emma Darwin (author)
Cost: 200 CHF 
Places: 15

Stand by for some expert tuition...
Emma is author of The Mathematics of Love and A Secret Alchemy, both critically acclaimed novels. She is also a blogger, has written and broadcast short stories, and is a seasoned fiction tutor.

In this practical workshop Emma will explore a range of techniques to help you tell your story even more effectively. These will include:
  • working with your own, your narrator’s and your characters’ voices;
  • character-in-action and plotting;
  • psychic distance, including free indirect style;
  • parallel narrative and other non-linear structures;
  • dealing with researched material; and
  • getting going and keeping going through a long project.

Workshop 2: Writers' Boot Camp

For anyone who wants to get stuck into the mechanics of storytelling. This class is designed for writers of all media, non-fiction and fiction.

Places: 20
Cost: 180 CHF

Indie author and blogger Joanna Penn, along with Zürich's very own writing teams – Libby O'Loghlin and Jill Prewett of Nuance Words, and Kelly Jarosz of the Zurich Writers Workshop – will take writers of all flavours to boot camp.

Whether you're a first-time fiction writer or a blogger of fact, you will benefit from learning the fundamentals of storytelling: 

Session 1: Get Your Story Straight
Learn plot basics, and how to ask questions that will enable you to see past the details to a solid story foundation.
Session 2: The Craft of Voice 
Developing a distinctive voice: managing research and exposition, POV, dialogue, authorial idiolect and individual style. Discover your personal strengths.

Session 3: On the Page
Down to the nitty gritty of sentence level. Using power and paste words, rooting out filler, dynamising your prose, common problems, presenting your work and skills of self-editing.

Session 4: Writer on the Move 
The practical approach to the writing life. Making a living from your work, finding your audience, organisation, a writer’s platform, pitching your work, creating a personal brand and a readership.

Dinner Event, Saturday night

Haus Hiltl, Zürich, 6.00pm
Cost: 62 CHF
Please cash to pay for extra drinks.

Cost includes unlimited access to Hiltl's famous vegetarian buffet, dessert and soft drink plus the chance to chat to some fascinating movers and shakers in publishing. (All of Sunday's panellists will join us for dinner!)

Sunday 28th October

Sunday's session will run from 9.00am – 1.00pm, with an optional lunch chaser for those who would like to stick around for some writerly chats and networking.

Panel Discussion and Q&A

With an expert panel from Switzerland and beyond, you'd be bonkers to miss this one. 

Guest speakers:
  • Joanna Penn
  • Andrew Lownie
  • Emma Darwin
  • Susan Jane Gilman
Cost: 50 CHF
Places: 50

Speakers will address issues such as:
  • navigating social media
  • blogging dos and don'ts
  • writers' platforms
  • self-publishing
  • traditional publishing 
  • query letters
  • agents' tips
  • the future of publishing

Post Panel Nibbles

Join us for a buffet lunch to chat with the experts after the Panel Discussion.

Cost: 20 CHF