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How To Sell and Market Your Book
Joanna Penn, Indie Publisher & Authorpreneur

Saturday 12 October
Full-Day Workshop, 250 CHF

Writing and publishing your book is a fantastic achievement, but unless you know how to market and sell, it may not reach your target audience or generate many sales.

This workshop is for people wanting to sell, market and launch their own fiction or non-fiction book.

No hype, just information that works.

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What you will learn:
  • Some fundamental principles of marketing and the prerequisites you need in place before you do anything, including some tips on author branding.
  • No platform needed: How to optimize your book sales page and author profile on Amazon, including how the algorithms work, keyword search recommendations, choosing categories and improving your metadata and book description.
  • How pricing and paid promotional opportunities factor into book marketing, and how to evaluate the options.
  • How to research and pitch to book reviewers, and the importance of book reviews for sales on the book retailers and Goodreads.
  • How to use content marketing and social networking for your author platform. Options for blogging, video and audio as well as why relationships are so critical for maximizing opportunity.
  • The pros and cons of paid advertising, traditional media and PR, media releases, TV and radio.
  • How to prepare your book launch in advance in order to make the most of the initial sales period.
You should come to this workshop:
  • If you are writing a book and you want to prepare for your launch and marketing process in order to maximize your chances of sales success.
  • If you have a book already but you would like to learn about marketing and improve your sales.

Author Joanna Penn says:

“Five years ago, I self-published my first book without knowing anything about marketing. I put all the work into writing and publishing and then sold practically zero copies. I was heartbroken and determined that it would never happen again. I learned everything I could about marketing and put that into practice on subsequent books. My ARKANE thrillers have now sold over 50,000 copies.”

Digital and transmedia storytelling
Sophie Rochester, The Literary Platform

Sunday 13 October
Morning Forum and Lunch, 70 CHF 

In this Forum, Sophie will elaborate on some of the current changes in the way readers find and read literary content. 

With Nuance moderator Libby O’Loghlin, the discussion will cover transmedia storytelling, the future of books, innovations in user experience, arts and technology experimentation, content provision, and what all this means for writers.

The discussion will be open to Q&A, and there will be networking opportunities for everyone over lunch.

The Literary Platform is an organisation and a magazine website looking at the crossover of books and technology. Founded in 2009, it has since worked with the Royal Society of Literature, the National Literacy Trust, Random House, Pan Macmillan, Faber, and Simon & Schuster on digital projects.