Writers' Meet and Greet 2014
for newcomers to Zurich and anyone wanting to connect with other writerly types

Image courtesy: DB Miller

Sunday, 21 September
10.00 - 12.00
Restaurant Markthalle
im Viadukt
(see map below) 

Order your own brunch/coffees
Hosted by
Nuance Words and Zurich Writers Workshop

Markthalle im Viadukt

Join us for a morning of
networking and 
(And probably a spot of 
ranting about books.)

What's happening?

Chantal and Kelly from Zurich Writers Workshop (ZWW) and Libby and Jill from Nuance Words will be on hand to cover the following topics:
  • Publishing: agents, publishers, self-publishing, assisted publishing;
  • Writing Workshops: ZWW, Nuance events;
  • Critique Groups: how to, who's interested, what it means, ways to connect; and
  • Switzerland opportunities: where are the go-to places, mailing lists to be on, career opportunities for writers and more. 
For those interested in writing and illustrating for kids and YA, Elisabeth from SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators) Swiss chapter will join us to talk about SCBWI and other goings-on in Switzerland.

Who are ZWW and Nuance?

Both ZWW and Nuance Words organize writers' workshops in the Zurich Area.

Because we like to share the writerly love, we collaborate to provide opportunities to connect writers and publishers and people who love reading and writing.

Zurich Writers Workshop

Nuance Words